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Belize Beaches

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Protected by the worlds 2nd longest barrier reef, Belize beaches are among the safest in the Caribbean, and the world.

Weather is pretty much assured to be good, no matter when you schedule your visit. If you like the Caribbean, youíll love Belize beaches.

You will enjoy world class snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, or just plain relaxing at many wonderful resorts for as little as $30 on Ambergris Caye, or much less on some other Cayes, and the mainland. You can spend much more money if you want.

There is a well written book by Lan Sluder called Adapter Kit: Belize: A Travelerís Tools for Living like a Local, which goes into great detail about how to live like a local at a fraction of the cost of a tourist. Itís cheap and well worth the cost.

Cayes are islands, by the way, and Ambergris is the countryís largest at 25 miles in length. The ancient fishing village of San Pedro, with a population of 14,000 is the principal settlement on the island. This is the San Pedro Madonna sings about.

Few cars are allowed in San Pedro. Individual transportation is by golf cart, bicycle, or foot.

Belize is a British protectorate, so you have big (safe) British banking, English common law, land titles for full real estate ownership (no leases or nominees required), and the Bank of Englandís enforcement arm, the Pentagon, for protection. English is the official language, so those of us from the US, Canada, UK, and other English speaking nations, are quite at home. There are other languages spoken, such as Creole, (Kriol) with Spanish also very common.

Ambergris Caye provides you with a virtually crime free environment in which to enjoy Belize beaches and life to the fullest, whether youíre seeking a fantastic place to retire, vacation, a winter home, or just a kick back, no pressure, lifestyle.

Weíll talk about a lot of interesting Belize subjects besides Belize beaches on this site. Weíll discuss real estate, offshore banking, retirement programs, taxes, even better, no taxes, weather, vacations, vacation homes, law, banking, incorporations, and a lot more.

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