Solo Travel

Solo Travel Enters the big time
Solo Travel now into the big time You know the solo travel world has come into its own when The Washington Post does an entire travel section on it. One article offers eight tips ensuring a "trip of ease." Some obvious tips include using common sense when it comes to safety and talking to locals. One you don't hear as often is the recommendation to travel places where the dollar is strong. Agreed. It's always fun to go somewhere you can live like royalty for very little money, but it's that much more important when you're not sharing expenses. Meeting a tiny Irish tourist, Inishmoor Island, Ireland In another of the articles, the writer calls solo travel the "All About Me" trip. "More myselves and Is are venturing out into the world alone," she writes. Good for them! Solo Travel Can Bee Awesome - No encumbrances And the best news of all, as the third of the three front-page stories reveals, is that more tour operators are adding accommodations f [...]