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Rooms with a view the top 6 scenic hotels around the world
Rooms with a view The top 6 scenic hotels around the world By Thomas Ryves With more and more luxury scenic hotels opening their doors all around the world, alongside existing scenic hotels continually upping their game and guests becoming ever-more discerning, the bar is set ever higher all the time, from accommodation to cuisine, and from spa facilities to unique activities. But whether all those boxes are ticked or not, often it is the views that make a hotel unique and memorable, whether it’s a perfect ocean vista, a view over a blissfully secluded beach, or a panorama of lush tropical rainforest or snow-capped mountain peaks. From Greece to Australia, we pick our top rooms with a view in scenic hotels across the globe. Myconian Avaton, Greece For a quintessential slice of Greece, the Myconian scenic hotels on Mykonos have it covered in style. Stay at the gorgeous Myconian Avaton, which is perched above the popular Elia Beach, and has spacious and luxurious suites an [...]