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Which private jet is best for my trip
Which private jet is best for my trip? By Vickie Clark With over 7000 private jets available to charter worldwide, choosing the right private jet for your trip can often be a difficult decision. Here is an overview of the most popular aircraft types available, making sure you choose the best private jet for your trip. VLJ (Very Light Jet) A Very Light Jet (VLJ) also known as an entry-level jet is the smallest private jet category, seating 4-5 passengers. They are cheaper to run than their standard private jet counterparts making them a more cost effective choice for short-haul journeys of up to 2 hours. They can also use smaller runways. However, there is limited cabin space and baggage capacity is often restricted on these types of jets. VLJ examples: Citation Mustang, Citation M2, Phenom 100 Light jet The light jet is a very popular private jet within the marketplace. It has a  flight range of up to 2.5 hours with seating for up to 8 passengers. It is a [...]