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10 Amazing palaces in Russia
10 Amazing palaces in Russia By Skye Sherman YOU MAY NOT LIVE inside the walls of a sprawling royal complex, but at these gorgeous palaces in St. Petersburg, you can certainly pretend. Enter the prestigious doors and walk from room to room, dreaming of days gone by; these walls have seen a level of opulence many of us would find hard to fathom. Many palaces in St. Petersburg, Russia, are located just a bit outside of the town center, but fortunately, they’re easily accessible via super cheap public transport. Plan a trip to one or all of them; each palace has a distinct character, some have amazing gardens well worth exploring, and all are filled splendor that surpass even the most lavish castles of your childhood fairy tales. 1. Catherine Palace Photo: Vladimir Sazonov/Shutterstock Located in the town of Pushkin, south of St. Petersburg proper, the Catherine Palace (known as the Great Palace of Tsarskoye Selo until 1910) is [...]