Kauai Activities

Exploring the Hawaiian island of Kauai
Exploring the Hawaiian island of Kauai By David Moore Kauai is the fourth largest and oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. Known as ‘The Garden Isle’it has a perimeter of 90 miles of secluded coastline with lush vegetation, majestic valleys, captivating cliffs, tropical rainforest, waterfalls, rivers and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Kauai is the result of volcanic eruption, with a crater in the centre of this almost perfectly round cone shaped island at a height of 5,150 feet, the wettest spot on earth allegedly with 470 inches of rain a year. A bigger claim is that Kauai is Hollywood’s favorite location for exotic movies; Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, The Thorn Birds, Lost, Hook, From Here to Eternity and South Pacific all featured the island, if there was an Oscar for Best Location Kauai would walk it. We decided to cycle the newly built coastal bike path to experience the majestic scenery of deserted coves and huge waves crashing on to empty golden beaches. The [...]