Greece Food And Wine Festival

Don’t Miss Food and wine tastings in Greece
Don't Miss Food and wine tastings in Greece By George Koletsos There is no better country to go to and have food and wine tastings as Greek culture is intertwined with tasty and healthy food as well as delicious wine to accompany it.  Below we have hand picked the most fun and fulfilling tastings at various destinations in Greece that will leave your taste buds satisfied. Minoan cooking class by the beach, Crete Your day starts with a scenic drive to the East of Elounda, reaching the Minoan island of Mochlos. The excavations on Mochlos brought to light a plethora of unique findings, Minoan shrines, workshops and a pre-palatial cemetery. The island had become a magnet and center for new industries, including the manufacture of gold jewelry, stone vases and faience 4,000 years ago. On the beach, an Archaeologist will introduce you to the Minoan cuisine around the hearth fire. Your culinary adventure will proceed, with you making Minoan-style lentils in ceramic pots on t [...]