Family Vacation Ideas In Usa

Follow These Tips to Fly stress Free With Kids on your next Family Vacation
Flying with kids? Follow these tips for a stress-free Family Vacation Travel experts advice for your next family vacation. BY HEATHER GREENWOOD DAVIS AIR TRAVEL AS an adult requires patience and fortitude. The combination of long lines, surly agents, and cranky passengers can make even the most seasoned traveler question their family vacation decisions. Add a toddler to the mix and it can feel like you’ve just doused the whole experience with lighter fluid and lit the match. Travel and lifestyle expert Natalie Preddie weighs in: Her sons, Charlie, age two, and Jamie, 10 months, have already traveled to almost a dozen countries between them. “Once, Charlie didn’t want to sit in his seat and screamed every time we took off and every time we landed,” she recalls. “We had two flights that day.” When flight attendants stepped in to help, he “howled like he was being tortured. It was awful.” By the time they arrived at their layover and wer [...]