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Ten Things and Eco Tourism
Hello! How’s your week been? Over on Instagram this week, for fun, I shared the story of how I got into environmentalism (spoiler: I don’t come from an environmentally progressive family). Can't Forget Eco Tourism Either Also, thanks so much for your response to my post on why plastic-free isn’t always the best for the environment. It’s an incredibly complex world we live in, isn’t it? This week’s links: 1. The absolute best thing I read this week was this: “I work in the environmental movement – I don’t care if you recycle” by one of my favourite people I follow on Twitter – Mary Annaïse Hegler. When people come to me and confess their green sins, as if I were some sort of eco-nun, I want to tell them they are carrying the guilt of the oil and gas industry’s crimes. The major crime is the use of so called "fossil fuels" (more bs) and nuclear energy when there's free energy all around us. So why are we destroying our planet? Because of greed and avar [...]