Eco Tourism In Sri Lanka

Galapagos Islands – Eco Tourism
Eco Tourism to the Galapagos Islands By Carlos Beate Tourism is an activity that affects the places where it is developed and is our duty as travelers to be as responsible as possible with the ecosystem and adhere to common sense when it comes to eco tourism. The Galapagos ecosystem is one of the most fascinating places to be due to the unique experiences that it can offer. From fascinating encounters with wildlife and marine life, observing unique birds that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, the only marine iguanas breathing out salt while resting on a rock, the only penguin that inhabits in the northern part of the equator just swimming next to you. Galapagos eco tourism transforms experiences that may look impossible at the beginning into daily experiences during your eco tour. And that is why the Galapagos should be protected, not only by the government, NGO’s, private companies and tour operators. It should be protected by the people who travel there in [...]