Do Restaurants In Rome Speak English

Roman gastronomy the best Restaurants in Rome
Roman gastronomy the best eateries in Rome By Sean Finelli People say that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”…this includes the city’s reputation for epicurean delights. The best restaurants in Rome have one thing in common: they have decades of experience and rigorously preserve ancestral recipes – it’s like eating a bit of history. Check out these seven superb restaurant recommendations in Rome. Trattoria “La Sora Lella” one of the Best restaurants in Rome Founded in 1959 from Elena Fabrizi, better known as the “Sora Lella”, this restaurant is probably the one that every Roman could mention if you ask for a good pasta plate or any type of Roman cuisine. Prior to opening the restaurant, Sora Lella made her fortune in the film industry where she played the role of herself. She was discovered by Roman actors who were drawn to her personality and immediately cast her. Despite its notoriety, the restaurant has never changed locations and you can still find [...]