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5 Incredible South American wildlife experiences
5 Amazing wildlife experiences in South America By Alfonso Tandazo Continuing a look at South American adventure wildlife experiences, here we take a look at travel experiences involving the wildlife of our amazing continent – especially those natural wildlife experiences that you might find surprising. The vast array of creatures with fins, feathers or fur across this expansive continent makes for some interesting sights and activities, some that can only be experienced here. If you’re an intrepid traveler looking for such wildlife experiences, here’s a short-list of some of the best that Latin America has to offer. 1. Selfies with sharks in the Galapagos Islands A tailor-made adventure tour to Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands is a must for any budding scientist or nature-lover, what with their exceptional landscapes and marine life. The archipelago, made up of 13 main islands encircled by swathes of azure sea, is famous for its totally unique endemic species [...]