Belize Fact Sheet

Belize Fact
Belize Fact Famed author and world traveler Aldous Huxley wrote in Beyond The Mexique Bay (1934) “If the world had any ends Belize would be one of them. It is not on the way from anywhere, to anywhere else. It is all but uninhabited.” Huxley’s off-the-cuff observation is one of the most famous made by a writer about Belize. More than eighty years ago he was one of the few adventurers daring enough to visit what at that time was one of the most remote corners of the then mighty British Empire. Belize Definition Today Huxley would be amazed that the little country, while still relatively undiscovered, is a nation-state with 395,000 inhabitants spread over a land area twice the size of Jamaica. On a good day four or more cruise ships pull into one of its major harbors bringing some 15,000 visitors from North America and Europe eager to get a taste of the only country in Central America with a British Colonial History and the largest Barrier Reef in the Western H [...]