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Amazing Vacation in Andalusia Spain
Vacationing in Andalusia Spain By Michael We took our first Spanish vacation in Andalusia. It is the southern most area of Spain and boarders the Mediterranean Sea on the south and the Atlantic on the west.  The the Mediterranean beach area is called Costa del sol.  The territory has eight provinces that also match the names of the cities in the provinces. Of those we visited Seville, the capital of Andalusia, Cordoba, Granada, and Malaga.  We also visited Gibraltar, a small peninsula in Andalusia on the Mediterranean Sea that is part of the United Kingdom.  And I took a day trip to Tangier Morocco.  See other posts in this blog for more about those locations. Andalusia’s history, culture and language has been heavily influenced by the Iberians, Visigoths, Romans, Greeks, Jews, Muslim Moors and Christians.  The name is derived from the Arabic  word Al-Andalus. Our “base camp” was a condominium in Calahonda, a small town southwest of Malaga. We lived in a [...]