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Africa Adventures for the young at heart
10 Africa experiences for the young at heart By Willow Constantine Millennial travelers value gathering experiences, not things.  They see life as a collection of moments to be fully enjoyed before one gets too old to care. The entire generation is redefining the workspace to accommodate the need for exploration, wandering the globe laptop in hand. Africa offers many opportunities to satisfy this yearning for adventure – our Top 10 is sure to inspire the young at heart. 1. Hiking to the top of Sossusvlei Dunes, Africa for a sunrise photo session To capture the iconic image of Sossusvlei Dunes in Africa with the one half shrouded in the shadows, careful planning is required.  There are only two lodges and one campsite offering sufficiently early access to the dunes. Most tourists get stuck at Dune 45 which is extremely busy and not good at all for photography unless you are the very first person to arrive.  Carry on all the way to Sossusvlei for sunrise, then qu [...]