Abandoned Creepy Hotels

10 Weird Abandoned Hotels That May Make You Shiver
10 Abandoned Hotels That Will Give You Chills Lauren Cahn What is it about abandoned hotels that makes them feel so eerie? Let’s explore. A small town gets smaller PATRICK FRILET/SHUTTERSTOCK On Adelaide Street in the tiny municipality of Birdsville, Australia, you’ll find the ruins of what was once the Royal Hotel, built circa 1883. “Birdsville is well-known for its dust storms, the scorching heat in summer, and its loneliness,” writes Rita’s Outback Guide. The Royal operated as a hotel for only 40 years. For a brief period in the early 20th century, it was used as a hospital/nursing home by a religious mission. When the mission left, the town’s population dwindled (in 2016, the population was a mere 140), and the building was left to deteriorate. Red tape in Cornwall IMAGEBROKER/SHUTTERSTOCK “Blotting the skyline to the south of Newquay’s most famous beach, the Fistral Bay Hotel has been left to crumble for more than a [...]