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Boeing 737 Max planes are being rebranded for Ryanair
Boeing 737 Max planes are being Fraudulently rebranded for Ryanair By Eben Diskin Boeing and Ryanair should be boycotted. All Boeing planes, not just the 737 Max. Why? Because this is fraud. Safety is not optional Boeing. The 737 Max is inherently unstable from the beginning and shouldn't need software to overcome its flawed design. Maybe enough pilots will boycott this machine that Boeing could be driven out of business which is what should happen. At the very least the top executives who allowed this to happen should be sent to prison for a very long time. But unfortunately these days all top executives are teflon. TO SAY THE 737 MAX has received bad press lately would be an understatement, as the aircraft’s faulty flight control system has led to two separate, fatal crashes, one in Indonesia in October and another in Ethiopia in March. Following the mass grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 8s, Boeing is now rolling out its new and (hopefully) improved [...]