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Incredible Year Round Weather
San Pedro Belize is The Place

Map shows weather San Pedro Belize

If you like the Florida keys weather San Pedro Belize weather is similar. The island is only 25 miles (40K) long, north to south, and the Ambergris Caye weather is sub-tropical and never experiences frost.

Likely the coldest you’ll ever experience is winter nighttime lows occasionally (once or twice per year) in the mid 50’sF (13-14C), but more likely in the high 60’s or low 70’s (18-24C).

During the day, the winter temps average about 81-82F ( 28-29C). Winter is November through March.

Summer temps in San Pedro will range from low seventies at night to an average of 86F (33C) in the daytime, but can go into the nineties.

You can experience the wonderful moderating effect the trade winds have on the weather of San Pedro Belize beaches. They can occasionally calm somewhat in August and September so it may feel a little warmer.

Once in a while the “Northers” will arrive with a cooling effect for a short while.

The period August through October is the most likely time for tropical storms and hurricanes although their not unheard of in June July and November.

Hurricanes are a fact of life in Belize, however, they do not strike Belize nearly as often or with as much force as Florida. For some inexplicable reason, when hurricanes approach from the east they often either turn left towards Honduras, or right towards the Yucatan peninsula. No one on Ambergris Caye has ever been killed in a hurricane.

I believe the only hurricane that inflicted serious damage in the last century was Hattie in 1961. It seems that Belize only experiences hurricanes on an average once every decade or even less often, and these usually do not do much damage.

In fact Florida receives substantially more damage, and the worst hit areas in the US are in the Carolinas.

San Pedro Belize weather includes 50-60 inches of rain per year, mostly in the June through November period. Usually this comes in short bursts with plenty of sunshine in between. No long, dull, dark periods like Seattle, San Francisco, or Vancouver.

After the rain the humidity gets pretty high (80%) until the trade winds blow again.

In short, if you like Key West weather, you’ll love the weather San Pedro Belize.

Click here for current and averages for weather San Pedro Belize
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