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The San Pedro Sun
Everything it Could Be

San Pedro Sun downtown Before we move on to the San Pedro Sun take a look at this picture.

This is a shot of downtown. Looks just like the old west with golf carts and electric wires. In reality, it's wonderful. The narrow streets are great for moving back and forth accross the street while window shopping and visiting.

What you donít learn, about whatís going on, from The Sun, isnít worth learning. This is the leading authority, and information source on La Isla Bonita.

The Sun also publishes an excellent visitors guide, on Thursdays as well. This guide is extensive and covers everything imaginable for the interested visitor.

From partying till you drop, to Sunday services in the local churches, the guide has it all.

After your visit, and you are at home, you are required to have someone take your picture, holding the San Pedro Sun. You must send that picture with your name, and the location where the picture was taken, to the editor, Ron Sniffin, at

Your picture may be shown in the visitors guide, so make it interesting.

Open the link below for your online visit to The Sun.

Click here for a direct link to The San Pedro Sun home page
(opens new window)