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In the Sensuous, Spectacular
South of Belize, you'll find
Real Estate Punta Gorda Belize

In the District of Toledo, lies Punta Gorda. Real estate Punta Gorda Belize could be the culmination of a lifelong dream at a price that was only a dream.

Real Estate Punta Gorda Belize could be the best kept secret on earth, or at least in the Caribbean.

The literal translation of Punt Gorda is ďfat tipĒ or ďfat endĒ. Donít let that mundane term interfere with your thinking relative to Punta Gorda. Always think of it as, Punta Gorda la bonita. Sounds way better and is indicative of the way it really is.

Punta Gorda is located at the end of the southern highway, right on the glorious Carribean. It is in the lee of the Maya mountains and therefore receives more rain than northern Belize. But itís not a problem since it is intermittent and comes in bursts in the rainy season, June to November. Itís not like Seattle, Vancouver or London, cold and dismal. In fact the rain, when it comes is warm.

Real estate Punta Gorda Belize west of the town is primarily broadleaf forest. Not far west and south west there is extensive agriculture. A few miles up the coast there is a very long mangrove swamp along the coast and a large area of thicket.

Most of the real estate Punta Gorda Belize is suited for ranching. There is however, some large areas nearby which are considered grade 1 agricultural land suitable for growing vegetables.

Belize has a large number of protected areas, both on land and sea, such as forest reserves, nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, private reserves, natural monuments, marine reserves, and archaeological reserves.

Just north of Punta Gorda lies the Port Honduras Marine Reserve which covers a very large area. With reserves like these the whole country is alive with flourishing marine life for fantastic recreational diving, snorkeling. Actually, in water this clear you can see plenty from the dock or boat without even spilling your umbrella drink..

Also located just north is the Seven Hills State Archaeological Reserve and several enormous forest and nature reserves for your pleasure.

Real Estate Punta Gorda Belize (sounds funny doesnít it) is among the worlds best environments for all kinds of wildlife and vegetation to flourish.

You see incredible fauna like this black orchid in real estate Punta Gorda Belize The Black Orchid (Encyclia cochleata) grows on trees in the damp areas. It flowers nearly all year round. It has greenish yellow petals and sepals with purple blotches near the base. One of the petals is deep purple-brown, almost black, with distinct purple veins.

Mahogany tree in it's native enviroment on real estate Punta Gorda Belize The Mahogany tree (Swietenia macrphilla) grows to a height of over one hundred feet. Itís an important part of Belize history and is on Belizeís coat of arms. The tree has small whitish flowers and dark fruit shaped like a pear. The ripe fruit falls on the forest floor, and in the protection of shade begins to germinate, starting a new cycle. The tree matures in 60-80 years.

You'll see incredible birds in the real estate Punta Gorda Belize The keel billed Toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratos) is noted for itís large, and brightly colored, inverted canoe shaped bill, around 20 inches in length. Toucans are likely to be in open areas with large trees. They like the trees fruit and open them with the serrated edge of their bill. They nest in the holes in trees, and lay 2-4 eggs which are then incubated by both parents.

You'll see incredible animals in the real estate Punta Gorda Belize The Tapir (Tapirus bairdii) is the largest land mammal in the American tropics. In Belize itís called the mountain cow. The Tapir is a stoutly built animal with short legs and can weigh up to 600 lbs. Itís dusty brown in color and has some white patches. The Tapir is a vegetarian and spends a lot of time in the water. It is a strong swimmer.

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