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Caribbean Vacation on
Belize Beaches
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Map of belize for Caribbean vacation A Caribbean vacation on Belize beaches is a heavenly way to go.

This map shows Belize is bordered by the Caribbean on the east, Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south, and Honduras to he south.

Just off shore lies the hemisphere’s longest barrier reef and second longest next Australia’s great barrier reef. This makes the Beachs of Belize among the safest and quietest anywhere.

There many Belize sports to enjoy, but the water sports are second to none in their awesome beauty and incredible safety.

If you’re in to diving or snorkeling, you’ll need to have your vacation in Belize. If want to learn more about diving Click here to see one diver’s impressive and dramatic report from his Caribbean vacation. He’s a great writer. You won’t be disappointed (opens new window) Safe Belize beachs shown by a man holding a small shark

This picture of a man holding a nurse shark indicates how safe it is to have your diving vacation off Belize beaches. Belize offers so much for your Caribbean vacation at a reasonable cost it’s hard not to want to go.

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Enjoy your Caribbean vacation as an ecotourist in Belize

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