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Belize Real Estate Corozal Is The Best

belize real estate corozal looking east over Chetumal Bay at sunrise

no compromises, buy in Belize property and Caribbean real estate. Belize real estate Corozal, offers you the beautiful Caribbean coast and the lower rainfall of northern Belize, with close proximity, to Chetumal, Mexico, and easy access to big box Mexican superstores, and terrific, cheap shopping.

Visitors coming to Belize by car, from Mexico pass through Corozal en route to anywhere in Belize. But, Corozal Town and nearby Consejo village, offer a lot: low prices, friendly people, a low-crime environment, beautiful Chetumal Bay and the advantage of Mexico next door for shopping. There’s even a Wal Mart in Chetumal, just across the border.

Belise real estate Corozal is close to Mexican shopping Corozal is one of the many undiscovered jewels of Belize. There’s not a lot to do, but it’s a great place to do it. The Sugar Coast is a place to slow down, relax and enjoy life. The climate is wonderful, with lower rain than almost anywhere else in Belize, and fishing is excellent. The easy going enthusiasm of the local people – Mestizos, Creoles, Maya, Chinese, East Indians and even North Americans – is bound to rub off on you.

Belize real estate Corozal costs are among the lowest in Belize. Modern North American-style homes, with three or four bedrooms in Corozal Town, or Consejo Shores, go for US$75,000 to around US$200,000, but Belizean-style homes start at less than US$25,000. Waterfront lots are available for US$50,000 or less, and big lots with water views are US$10,000-$25,000. Rentals are relatively inexpensive – US$100-$300 for a nice Belizean-style house or US$300-$800 for a modern American-style house.--source Belize First Magazine.

Belize real estate Corozal for $11,900 Belize real estate Corozal next to Mayan ruins Cerros There is a new planned community, Progresso Heights, with all services, in Corozal, on the beach. Belizeit or not, you can buy serviced lots from $11,900. This is an example of how reasonable Belize real estate Corozal can be. They provide financing as well.

They have sold brand new houses here for as little $31,900. They’re not enormous, but they are comfortable.

This site is right by the Mayans ruins, Cerros.

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