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Belize Horseback Riding may be the Most Fun of all the Belize Sports

Belize horseback riding at the Chan Chin Lodge Belize horseback riding is probably one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. You’ll see exotic and wonderful wildlife, beautiful jungle trails, rugged but rideable mountains with amazingly spectacular waterfalls. There is no end to the beauty you’ll behold. This picture is a ride from the Chan Chin Lodge.

There are many places in Belize to rent horses and to take guided rides. The west and southwest with their jungle trails, fabulously navigable mountains, and wonderful wildlife are the best areas in which to ride. Horseback riding in Belize is an experience you'll never forget.

For those wishing to take advantage of belize horseback riding in Placencia, there is Roberts grove right accross the lagoon.

In the Cayo district there is Maruba on the old northern highway. Blancaneux is in Cayo district as well. They provide rides for guests. I'm not sure about outsiders. Here you ride through a fantastic pine forest and stop at the incredible Big Rock Falls in between Blancaneaux and Five Sisters Lodge.

Belize horseback riding to Big Rock Falls Horseback riding in Belize is certainly fun, especially when you have fantastic scenery and terrain like this.

When you add the wide variety of colorfull wildlife to the equation it's truly wonderfull.

Click here for Belize horseback riding tours by Equitours. (opens new window)